Fixed Fee Legal Services for Small Business in Virginia

Thomas Bowden, Esq.I’m a lawyer, but I’m also a businessman. I’ve been on both sides of the legal relationship, as both a provider and recipient of legal advice and services,

I launched Timeless CounselTM to meet the needs of Virginia’s small and medium-sized businesses, including start-ups by first-time entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs and business owners like you who need a trusted, accessible, and affordable legal advisor so that you can focus on your principal task – growing their business. Timeless CounselTM aims to be the premier resource in Virginia providing fixed fee legal services on-line.

Here at Timeless CounselTM, you can:

  • research legal topics;
  • select the documents that you need for your business;
  • and communicate with me securely via email, video conference, telephone, and in person.
    Timeless CounselTM covers a wide range of topics relevant to the operation of a small or medium-sized business.
  • Purchase legal services for a fixed fee.

No Hourly Rates 

My goal is to eliminate that hesitation you feel when you first think – “I wonder if I should run this by my lawyer?” All too often, your next thought might be “But at their hourly rates, that phone call could cost me big-time, and I have payroll to meet this week – I’ll just wing it and hope things turn out OK – if not, I’ll call someone.” Obviously, this approach is not in your best interest, because problems don’t usually solve themselves. But then again, neither is paying high hourly rates with little understanding, let alone control, of what the final tally might be.

With Timeless CounselTM, you will always know the price of the service you need before you commit to buy it,

I firmly believe that there is no reason a business owner should have to enter into a relationship with a lawyer without know knowing what it will cost.

I hope you will come to rely on Timeless CounselTM for your legal services. I’ve tried to make it easy to become a client and receive the services you need. If you find yourself using Timeless CounselTM on a regular basis, you may want to consider entering into an ongoing lawyer-client relationship.

If you have a special project contact us and we will analyze it and provide you with a fixed fee for undertaking the project.

Standard Monthly Fee

I offer a service that provides you with ongoing legal counsel for a standard monthly fee that includes all available documents at Timeless CounselTM at no additional cost. I can even create custom documents for your business and make them available to you through the Timeless CounselTM site.

Timeless CounselTM covers a wide range of legal topics, but if you don’t find what you need, you can contact me directly to discuss your issues.

Thanks for visiting – I hope we get the opportunity to work together!