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Welcome to my new site!

Thanks for stopping by. As you will find if you return to this blog from time to time, I have some opinions about the practice of law, based on my 35 plus years in the business. I'll be sharing my thoughts on such topics as Technology and Law,Value-Based Pricing, Proper Contract Drafting, and Entrepreurial Experience. My purpose in creating this new site is to make my practice and my services more accessible to entrepreneurs. My work with entrepreneurs and investors spans four decades, and still I find myself called to assist those who walk the path of the creative business owner, the entrepreneur. As a solo lawyer with a radically different business model, I am a legal entrepreneur, walking the same path as my clients. I've also started businesses by myself and with others. My experience makes me more attuned to the needs, concerns, and motivations of those who, like me, are not satisfied to simply punch the clock and collect a steady check. That's fine and honorable, and perhaps the right path for most people. But if you have the desire to chart your own course, set your own goals, and reap the rewards, both financial and emotional, that await the entrepreneur, then let me walk with you, share my experience and my knowledge, and help you realize your dreams. It's rarely easy, almost never a straight line, and not without its ups and downs, but most of us who strive to build our own vision of the future would probably agree that building their own business is one of the most rewarding things they have ever done.

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